Bachelorette Fun Gold Flash Nail Tattoos

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Bachelorette Fun Gold Flash Nail Tattoos
These Bachelorette tattoos are a super fun bachelorette idea. The Gold nail decals are a unique Bachelorette favor or Bridesmaid gift. Hens party idea for your hens night!

Set up a cute nail polish bar and let the girls go wild with these. Application instructions are included.

The beauty of these is that you can also use them as regular temporary tattoos on the skin - they work in just the same way. See image 5 for an example.

Includes: 47 Temporary Gold Nail Tattoos on a 3x4"sheet

- Sized to fit most nails
- Apply using a wet cloth or makeup pad. They apply the same way any temporary tattoo is applied to the skin.
- Intended to last 2-3 days when a clear topcoat is applied
- Comes off easily with nail polish remover
- Will work on any nail color - painted or unpainted. They are most visible on dark colored polish

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